Bhootfm | Ep-06 | Best haunted email story |ভয়ের গল্প! ভুত এফ এম

Bhootfm | Ep-06 | Best haunted email story | ভয়ের গল্প! ভুত এফ এম

Bhoot FM Episode 06

Bhoot FM is quite popular in the Bengali community. One of the exciting categories is Email stories. People abroad share their experiences in various countries by sending a voice mail. 

This is kind of cool and cold to listen to that even in this advanced world the paranormal activities are taking place in some of the most advanced countries and cities. 

So, enjoy this new episode from aborad and get your senses the taste of fear.

Download Bhoot FM Episodes 06

We understand that it's quite boring to listen to the whole episode in the middle of the night as it starts at 12:00 am in Bangladeshi time. And for those who stay in Countries like Dubai or in a European Country, it is hard to get catch the show in time. 

We are letting you an easy play player to listen to the episode from our website. Also if you are in a rush download is available for you too.

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