Bhootfm | Ep-07 | Horror story | Bhoot Fm | Rj Russell | ভুত এফ এম২০২১

Bhootfm | Ep-07 | Horror story | Bhoot Fm | Rj Russell | ভুত এফ এম২০২১

Bhoot FM Episode 07

Are you looking for a website to download Bhoot FM? Here you go. This is episode 07 of Bhoot FM. And we are happy to share this on our site. You will love the stories that are covered in this episode. 

A very special horror morgue story is here. Morge is always an interest of many of us. Many say death is not the end and the unsatisfied souls roam around their bodies in morgue. 

In this short episode, multiple victims have shared many paranormal stories experienced by them. You will surely enjoy this mini-episode.

Download Bhoot FM Episodes 

We understand that it's quite boring to listen to the whole episode in the middle of the night as it starts at 12:00 am in Bangladeshi time. And for those who stay in Countries like Dubai or in a European Country, it is hard to catch the show in time. We are letting you an easy play player to listen to the episode from our website. Also, if you are in a rush, a download is available for you too.

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