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Did you saw that a man become pregnant and it got viral on the internet? That's really a hilarious way to promote a music video. Yes you got it right, Montero did those stunts just to promote his new single "That's What I Want."

Montero has also made available the video for the album track "That's What I Want," which appears on his debut LP Montero (it officially drops on Friday).

Despite finding love on a football field and around a campfire in the Stillz-directed clip, the rapper-singer ends up alone walking down the aisle. "I want someone to love me," the rapper sings.

The song states, "I want someone to love me/That it don't feel right when it's late at night and I'm alone, I want someone to care for me."

It's been hilarious to watch Drake joke about being pregnant on social media as he posts pictures in hospital gowns and while listening to snippets from his LP song "Scoop", including one where he can be heard crying. A fake lawyer billboard with information about potential financial compensation was also dropped, advertising the album's website. He also appeared on The Talkshow as a guest host. "That's What I Want" video and Montero dropped before Montero Show.

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