Hospital - A Statue of Horror

The first episode

Sameer and Abhijit both together passed the doctor from Kolkata Medical College. Both of them wish to go to a hospital in a remote village and serve the poor. One day they got out. Arrived at an unknown remote village far away from the city. The village is very lonely. People are very few too.

There is an abandoned hospital just a distance from the village. The hospital is on a double floor. Many years ago, patients were served in this hospital and with that, the villagers were also treated with very little money. For some unknown reason, the hospital was closed years after it was opened. It's been abandoned since then.

The two of them thought of re-opening this closed hospital. The afternoon is getting closer then. They cleaned a room downstairs of the hospital to spend the night. They brought some necessary items from the village. You can't tell what it takes at night and it will take 15 or 20 minutes to go from the hospital to the nearest house in the village. That's why they brought things from the village while there was light.

It's evening, darkness has come all around. Sameer and Abhijit are talking sitting in the courtyard of the hospital. Just then a man who put the sheet on came to them. Told them - ′′ There is still time. Get out of here. The place is not good. ′′ Sameer said-′′ Uncle, we are not afraid. There is no problem. You can also stay with us if you want. ′′ The man left after listening to them.

While leaving, she said irritatingly-′′ You have unlimited sorrows in your fate. ′′ They started chatting again pretending not to listen to the man.

All the houses of the hospital's two-floor are locked. Rusty in a very old lock. The building is also very old - the polystara of the wall is falling down. The light of the moon is all around. In that light, the hospital's compound looks like a sleepy monster will wake up anytime. The trees behind the hospital are moving in a light breeze. As if the leaves are trying to whisper-′′ You go away, if you want good then go away from here. ′′

They didn't even realize when it was 10 in the night while chatting. At the end of the story, she slept after eating dinner. Their eyes just fell asleep, at such a time, screaming and people's feet started floating from the hospital's Second Floor. So surprised they hear that sound.

All the rooms on the second floor are locked. So how is the sound coming? They climbed the stairs with flashlights in their hands. After climbing the double floor, he found that all the houses are locked. Artificial lighting with candles and hurricanes inside a room. Three nurses are holding a patient but no one is looking at them. The patient screams and says ′′ Save me. They are killing me! Save me. ′′ Sameer and Abhijit's hands and legs started shaking in fear of this scene.

Abhijit went a little ahead and said in a shaking voice-′′ Why are you holding him?" The nurse and the patient looked at Abhijit by turning his neck. Abhijit fainted within a moment of seeing their faces. Sameer dragged Abhijit out of that room in some way. Everything became the same as soon as I got out there. No one has a voice anymore. The rooms are also locked. Abhijit got his knowledge by sprinkling a few drops of water but his hands and legs are shaking in fear. Suddenly a shout was heard from the bottom floor. They ran down and found that the man who had put his sheet on the ground was uprooted. My head bursts and melts with a thin stream and blood are coming out in the stream.

Sameer told Abhijit-′′ Go fast, bring bandages and medicine from my bag. A lot of blood is coming out. It is difficult to live longer if this continues. ′′ Abhijit went and could not find the bandage in the bag. Called Sameer and said-′′ Come here a little brother, I can't find bandage and medicine. ′′ Sameer left the man there and went to Abhijit and came back with the bandage from the bag and found that he was no more there. What's more surprising is that there are no blood or little stains of blood.

Their hands and legs are lost in fear. That time again shouting and shouting started floating from the upper floor. They looked upstairs and saw the light shining again in the two-door rooms and the patient screamed-′′ Save me. ′′ They couldn't take it anymore. Got out of the hospital on a run. Both of them started walking standing on the road. Suddenly I saw a man walking towards them. The night is about three and a half then. They wonder what this guy is doing here all night!

Both of them became blood water as the man came closer to them. This is the guy who put the sheet on. They ran again. Now straight to their room. They shut the door and window and lay in bed silently. Screams and people's feet started floating from upstairs. Time doesn't want to pass anymore. They are looking at the clock again and again hoping when it will dawn.

Suddenly someone started knocking on their door but they didn't move from their place. Knocking on the door stopped after a while. Silent all around, no sound coming from Second Floor. That incident happened only then. Sameer saw blood entering under the door of his house. Slowly the entry speed of blood started to increase. After a while, the whole floor of the room was filled with blood. After watching this horrific scene, an unknown fear was suppressed in their mind.

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