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This new song by Bollywood singer Kaka called Mere Warga. The song shows how Kaka falls in love with I am Yours, played by Akanksha Puri in the teaser. It also shows how their emotions start to build when they know each other. 

The lyrics contain concerns of Kaka for the girl. Kaka is Dark Skinned guy. So, he warns the girl not to stay under the sun for long or else she will lose her white complexion and become dark like him. Which he doesn't want. 

But he also teases her. He will come after her like a madman when he gets a lottery and takes her with him. He wants to be her life partner and enjoy his life with her. 

When she has to make dough for the tortilla, she will cry and check the book of sins and virtue. If she loses her beauty in the harsh sun, she will regret that she could keep her beauty forever so that she doesn't have to do the chores at Kaka's home.

Very typical teasing-type lyrics at first few parts of the song. If the girl remains beautiful, then her husband will love her. But once she loses her beauty, she will become a housemaker.

The verse praises the beauty of that girl. No matter what is the situation, how bold is she. Even the rich are put ashamed of her style. When Kaka looks for her, she calls her a sweetheart. But if he ignores her, she doesn't fear to call him an arrogant brat. 

He will take care of the girl just like nature takes care of her.

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