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Songwriter Tanishk Bagchi composed the music and vocals for the song, which includes Jubin Nautiyal and Asees Kaur.

Vikram receives Dimple's letter while serving at Kargil. Her words remind him of their first date while in college. We get a glimpse of the two falling in love while in college. 

This song tells the story of their relationship in the most beautiful way with everyone from her father getting caught talking to her friends tease them.

This romantic song relates to real-life so much that listeners can't say it is just a song.  The lyrics start with the words between us become famous now. As the relation between Vikram and Dimple was the talk of their friends. 

As time went Dimple's father knew the secret relationship they were having thus the song says it got famous that they were in love. 

Then there is a cry for keeping him aside from her. Now that everybody knows about them she should never let him off her sight. And She should also never leave him alone. Wherever she will go his heart will follow and so will she miss him a lot. 

Both of them won't be able to sleep at night when they are not together. The sky may be full with starts at night but in his heart, he knows she is the moon. 

The song is about the feeling of every lover. That seems they are unable to live without the girl they love. It feels the pain is endless when you are not with your love of life. 

So no matter where she goes he follows and through the long cold nights he will be aside her.

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