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Laroi hinted at the song's release on an Instagram live stream on 20 September 2020, followed by a more elaborate preview of the final version, which was broadcast on Rolling Loud on 29 October 2020. Bieber revealed his contribution on 31 May 2021. An entire version of the song was leaked on a Discord server on 2 June 2021.
"Stay" is Laroi's first major single release since his extended play, Freedom, was released in April 2021. It is Bieber's first major single release since releasing his extended play, Freedom. Previously Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun acted as Laroi's manager as well on 3 June 2021.
Laroi liked this melody so much that he wanted to use it in production software Avid Pro Tools to create a song. Puth called it "the most organic way I've ever created a song." The studio where Bieber records was dubbed the "Bieber Studio" by Laroi. They finished recording the song, but Bieber remained uncertain about whether his vocals sounded good to Laroi.
This song emphasizes synth pop, hip-hop, and pop rock. Its upward-derating keyboard riff serves as the song's spine and eventually transforms into the chorus melody. The New York Times described it as a "hyper-slick" hybridization of new wave and pop-punk. The melody repeats over and over again, with Laroi and Bieber switching between head voice and chest voice.
In some critics' assessments, Justin Bieber's sixth studio album, Justice (2021), has similarities to this track. Justin Curto from Vulture has compared its sound to Hold On, Die for You, and Someone from Justice.

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