Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes Download

Stereo Hearts

"My Heart is Stereo

It Beats for You so Listen Close"

These lines creates waves of joy in a persons heart whenever you listen. The awesome song is Produced by Gym Class Heroes who featured Adam Levine of Marron 5 who is a very popular vocal artist. 


The song is about the boy's heart beats for this girl in a way it never has before. He wants the girl to listen to his heart beats from very close and understand  all his thoughts and feelings for her. He wants the girl to make him her lover and come to her whenever she is in pain she should come to him and the boy will make it up to her.


Good music is hard to find meaning real love is hard to find. Now everyone is after selfish motives but the boy felt for the girl for real. He reminded that he loves her for real and its also difficult for him to find real love in this fake world.

I only pray you'll never leave me behind. Exactly the way I feel about the girl I'm in love with only she doesn't even know. We all love the person we desire and fear they will leave us if something terrible happens. The singer doesn't want to lose her in any cost.

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