The Devil Chapter 3


Kibria extends his hand to Morgan and says,

′′ Hey bro. I am Kibria.

Even Morgan holds the hand and says,

′′ Whom did you kill? ′′

Suddenly everyone in the room gets shocked to hear such words from Morgan. Murder means Lori's girlfriend Louise now says a little angry,

′′ What are you saying all this nonsense? Murder means. Why are you doing such savage? ′′

Morgan says,

′′ Yes murder. Your husband has killed a while ago. And he is...

Who knocks on the door just to say. As soon as Lewis opened the door, some police entered the house and arrested Kibria. Kibria's wife Lewis tells police,

′′ Why are you catching my husband? What happened? What is his crime? ′′

One of the cops says,

′′ A little while ago your husband was talking to someone on the street. That's why your husband killed that man right now. ′′

′′ What is the proof that my husband was killed?"

Immediately the police show a video to Lewis. Video shows Kibria stabbed a man in his throat while slamming him.

Lewis's husband was taken to the police station by showing the video.


Lori rushes her girlfriend and comes home. She says to her husband when she comes home,

′′ Well how did you know the guy came in murder?"

Says without thinking anything,

′′ The man had blood on his hand and his shirt. ′′

The lorry thinks it's true. But still she starts doubting her husband a little from then on. Because it's to know if he's received a miracle. Lori has been keeping a special eye on her husband for a while since. But nothing is happening. Nothing knows her husband's relationship. But Morgan goes to the store room at least once a day.

The lorry notices him from behind every time Morgan goes to the store room. But Morgan doesn't enter the store room anymore. Come back from the store room door for some reason. But many times Morgan came back from the same place. Lori can't find any mystery of her doing such things.


Morgan is now on top of Lucifer. Necessity unnecessarily calls Lucifer or worship him. Morgan now wishes to be the most powerful Black Magician in the world. So he meets Michael again. To Michael is called,

′′ I want to be the strongest.? just more than you. How to be?"

Morgan smiled and said,

′′ Told you the first day that the more you worship, the more you sacrifice, the stronger you become. ′′

Morgan takes off his shirt and shows Michael and says,

′′ I worship enough. ′′

Michael saw Morgan cut the blades around his navel and art the Lucifer sign I mean they. Michael says after watching this,

′′ Well, it's okay. Do you want to be stronger now?"

Morgan says,

′′ Hmm. ′′

′′ Well, what's your favorite thing?"

′′ Favorite thing to say?"

′′ The one you love the most or someone you love the most?"

′′ Yes that's my youngest son Raihan Romy. ′′

′′ Hmm. You have to sacrifice your youngest son to Lufisher. ′′

′′ But how? ′′

′′ BURNED. ′′

′′ Will I be strong then?"

′′ Yes. Gonna be a lot stronger. ′′

′′ Well. How to do what? ′′

′′ On the moon night when the sun completely covers the moon at exactly 12 pm burn your favorite thing for Lucifer. Only then everything will be done. Because Lucifer's favorite night is this new moon night. Lucifer is getting too close to all his worshippers this night. And he who sacrifices the dearest things for him will give him more strength ′′

After hearing this Morgan says,

′′ How many more days are left for the new moon night?"

′′ Not much longer to go. The day after tomorrow, the night will be a new moon. ′′

′′ Well, it's okay. ′′

Even if no one accepts that the night of the moon is a terrible night, the devil worshippers mean it. And that night they worship Satan more and more.

Morgan comes home to meet Michael and finish all the talks.


′′ Mother, tell me one thing?"

The lorry says,

′′ Say yes? ′′

Lori's youngest son Raihan Romy says,

′′ Papa has killed my sister. ′′

Suddenly the lorry was shocked to hear this from such a little boy. Romy might just be 7-8 years old. His mother Lori goes to him and says, ′′ She says, ′′

′′ Why? Why would your papa kill? Why did you suddenly feel like this? ′′

′′ Today sister told me to come to sleep. ′′

′′ What did he say?"

′′ Said he has killed her. And then he will kill me. Sister told me to be careful. ′′

Hearing this, Lori smiled a little and thinks that he is a small man, so maybe he is scared of his nonsense dreams. That's why he is asked to console,

′′ Well listen. People see many more things in their dreams, are they all true? That's why yours isn't true either. And your father loves you so much, why would he beat you? Ok, come I will feed you don't be afraid. Forget about the dreams. "

′′ Well, it's okay. ′′

Morgan is present just like this. He comes and stands silently looking into the eyes of the boy. And what the son said a little while ago, he can know everything. Yet he pretends to not understand his wife,

′′ What are you two doing?"

The lorry says,

′′ Let's gossip with your son. And your son is a dream....." The lorry gets stuck just by talking.

Morgan has known everything. Because if he looks into someone's eyes, he can know everything. Morgan has already known it all by looking into her little boy's eyes. Still pretends not to know a little,,

′′ Dream of what?"

Lori thinks this can't be said to Morgan. Because what if Romy's dream came true again. That's why he flatters a little,

′′ What what what nothing. Feed Romy, now you go to your room. ′′

Morgan left without saying much.

Going inside and thinking how did Romy know all this.

Morgan only found out what he said a while ago but I don't know how Romy knew what he said. Without thinking about these, Morgan is planning in mind how to sacrifice his child. Because it has to be burned. Meanwhile, the lorry has to manage again. She has to be sacrificed in such a way that everyone thinks she committed suicide. Morgan is looking for a plan like this.

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