Inauspicious Love Chapter 1

Samira is sitting with her husband's dead body in the living room decorated with innumerable flowers. She doesn't understand at all. She will tell everyone how her husband died in the living room and she herself is the killer of that husband. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and a call from outside. Samira doesn't understand what to do and there is no way to escape from here. And where she will flee, everyone will suspect her. Suddenly someone put a hand on Samira's shoulder and said- no one will help you in this situation except me.

 Realizing the presence of the third person in the living room, Samira turned to look at him and moved backward.

Samira's husband is bleeding profusely from his throat. He is standing in front of Samira, whom she had killed a while ago. Samira lost control of herself and screamed loudly. At the same time, Samira's sister Bithi said loudly- Samira don't be afraid, you are dreaming,,, Sister hey sister.


Hearing her sister's voice close to her ear, she jumped up and said, 'I'm fine, don't worry.'

- Why are you shouting like this every night?


Meanwhile, Samira's parents knocked on the door and said- What happened to Samira?

- Nothing mother I had a bad dream and woke up.

- Well, mother, go to sleep.


Everyone left.

Samira got up and looked at her watch. It was about half-past two. I will not sleep like every day. I will have to spend the rest of the night awake. Thinking about all this, he removed the curtain of the window and looked at the moon, and smiled. She doesn't even know the secret of laughter. Samira is a medical student and the dream is just all day depression takes it normally.

Suddenly Bithi came next to Samira and said- will you tell me the truth?


- Damn, do I ever lie to you?

- Doesn't it mean that you've been screaming like this every night for a while now that something bad is happening to you? I mean, I'm talking about nightmares.

- No, it's a bit like that. And the dream is not just our depression to pay attention to it.

- I used to believe once or twice, but why would it be like this every day? You look at yourself and see what you have done day by day. Don't wake up every night, let's go to sleep.


- Well, Bithi, how would you feel if I killed someone?

- What are you talking about, sister? Why would you kill?

- Something to sleep on and give me a storybook and sit down and read the story.

- You read horror stories every day, don't you think that the depression of these stories is spinning in your head?

- I am a medical student so I understand what is right and what is wrong for myself. And I don't see any story or character in the story.

- Don't you think that you are becoming a psycho after reading all this?

- I will take my book. You don't have to sleep.


Samira got up and started reading a thriller book by Robert Axido from the table.

Bithi Habi fell asleep while talking to Jabi. The light air is blowing through the windows and the moonlight illuminates the windows a lot, but it is not visible for the light of the room.

Samira and Bithi are two sisters. Brothers and sisters, there is no one but them. Two sisters in the eyes of parents. In the happy family of four, the storm is now raging for Samira. Samira has more worries in her parents' heads because of such dreams every night. Meanwhile, the father once said marriage, but Samira agreed because he will not marry without a doctor. And being a big girl, no one insists on her words. I don't know why such a strange thing is happening with Samira.


She doesn't know when she fell asleep leaning on the chair by the window while reading the storybook. She woke up in the morning when she saw the rays of the sun. she woke up and went to be fresh.

Enjoying a beautiful morning like every day, after eating and drinking, she took Bithi out for shopping.


as soon as she enters the shopping mall Samira is annoyed because two boys are following Samira. Suddenly a boy came to Samira and said- If you don't mind, can I say something?

- Actually, brother, I don't like talking to strangers.

- Samira, please listen.

- Who told you my name?

- I will know the name of the person to whom I gave my heart. Is it such a difficult task?

- Come on, you should say sorry. If you follow me, the result will not be good.

If you give time behind them to see another girl, you can get something.

- Samira I have been following you for a long time. In fact, I really like the way I tell you.

- If you don't marry me, will you be single? Show this drama to someone else.


When she wanted to move away from the boy, the boy grabbed Samira's hand and sat down. As soon as she grabbed Samira's hand, Samira reached the extreme stage of anger and the boy let go of her hand as soon as he looked at her with wide eyes.

Meanwhile, all the lights in the shopping mall are suddenly turned off and on. The caretaker of the shopping mall ran to the generator. Meanwhile, Samira came out after paying the bill of the shopping mall. As soon as she came out, Bithi saw a crowd of people downstairs and said- why are there so many people there?

- I don't know, let's see.


She pushed the crowd forward. Pushing the crowd forward, she saw a bloody face and wanted to come back. There is no way to recognize such a condition in the blood. Seeing the bloody body a little better, he looked at Samira and said - this will happen to anyone who looks at you.


Even in the crowd of so many people, Samira could hear the words clearly. Meanwhile, Samira's idea was correct and the body of the boy in the shopping mall was identified. Samira does not understand why the boy suddenly chose the path of suicide? And how did you talk in this situation? And if someone looks at me badly, how will you kill him?

Seeing Samira fainting, Bithi grabbed Samira's hand and pulled her out. Samira is not talking, she is silent.

Bithi shook Samira's arm and said- are you all right sister?


Samira was a little shocked and said- there is the dead body of that boy inside the mall. He must have committed suicide for me.

- Sister may be another reason why you feel guilty?

- Again the boy told me, he will kill those who look at me badly.

- How did he talk after he jumped from the eleventh floor of the building and died in a few seconds? Sister, what is wrong with you? Let's get out of here.


The two came home. Samira can't calm down at all when she comes home. Meanwhile, Bithi did not say anything to anyone. She herself is depressed about what happened to Samira.

It was eleven o'clock at night. Bithi was asleep. Samira was reclining in a chair by the window. Suddenly a man said in a voice - will you not sleep today?


Suddenly Samira was shocked to hear someone's voice. Before looking back in fear, he said again- I don't want you to be afraid to see me. So please don't look back


As he spoke, an ice-cold hand touched Samira's shoulder. As soon as she was startled, someone pressed her face.

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