Inauspicious Love Chapter 2

As he spoke, an ice-cold hand touched Samira's shoulder. As soon as she was startled, someone pressed her face.

The body is getting cold for fear of not being able to get rid of it even after hundreds of attempts. Suddenly the man said- Did I do too much? Why are you afraid Well I'm leaving.


The hand was lost. Samira immediately got up and looked around. Bithi is still asleep. Everything is fine in the room, the door is locked from the inside and she is sitting by the window and can't go out through the window. But is the man hiding in the house?

Thinking about it, she started looking everywhere under the bed under the table but found nothing.


Meanwhile, Bithi woke up because of searching with a torch. Bithi got up and said- Sister you won't sleep?

- You know Bithi, a man came to our room. He talked to me, but now I can't find him.

- Are you all right? Are you waking up and dreaming? The doors and windows are all closed from the outside. Who will come in? And there is no other way but the door.


- But I remember the man's words.

- How much more will the corpse talk to you. Listen, I think you are mentally ill. Listen, I've been in this busy city for a long time. The exam is in front of me so I can not go. If it wasn't for the exam, I would have given you a big tour.

- You're right, if you don't travel, depression won't go away. Well, would you tell me where to go?

- Think about the place you wanted to visit but never had the time. And if you give a long tour, your mood will be absolutely fresh.


- Well, let's see, there's no place like that.

- I think I should go to a place where I can take a deep breath, which means there will be a green empire all around.

- Well, go to sleep now.


As soon as Samira entered the washroom and washed her eyes, the man said again- where are you going?

- The voice I hear is that my depression is basically nothing like that.

- No, Samira, you heard it right. I'm by your side.

- Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you?

- Let's talk about it later. Tell me first, where are you going?

- Why do you want to know where I'm going?

- Because a lot of things can't be said, just remember one thing, you'll find me wherever you are.

- I know you are an illusion and you will be gone after a good night's sleep.

- I'll go wherever you go. Can't you believe me yet?


Samira remained silent without saying a word. One mind thinks she is awake, another mind says these are just illusions. Suddenly the man said, 'You can't control yourself when you see my wounded body.' So it would be better not to see me.

- Who are you? Why are you after me?


As soon as Samira finished speaking, the man behind her grabbed Samira. At once Samira's whole body became cold as ice. The light feeling is that someone's hot lips are moving all over his body. Samira was engulfed in the fire of desire with the touch of her hands all over.


As soon as she opened her eyes, she found herself naked in the washroom. Being a medical student, Samira understood what happened to her. But he doesn't remember anything before. Who did this to Samira?

Thinking about all this, she got fresh and put on her clothes. Samira was surprised to come out. Someone is sitting in a chair by the window. Samira went to him without delay and grabbed his head. The man got lost in the smoke. Seeing the man disappear in front of her eyes, Samira could not believe her eyes.


The next morning everything went well. Even though the whole day was going well, Samira's fear started in the evening. Samira guessed at least a little bit that the physical relationship with her was done by no one else but that invisible force. Will that energy come every day? Or will not come again?


Although Bithi fell asleep after dinner, Samira grabbed the window grill and looked at the moon, remembering what had happened last night. Suddenly he grabbed Samira's stomach with his hand and couldn't move to free herself. Samira's whole body is exhausted but today both the feeling and the consciousness are fine. Like yesterday, the invisible man ignited the fire of desire all over Samira's body. Samira can't control herself even after trying a thousand times. Suddenly Bithi woke up and said- why are you kidding me?


Hearing Bithi's voice, Samira's whole body became cold as before. As soon as she remembered her position, Samira said angrily, 'What do I do to you?' You sleep in silence.


Bithi was surprised to hear Samira's words and as soon as she pushed Samira's arm, Samira slapped her hard and said- How did you dare to touch me?


With a hoarse voice, Bithi fell on the bed and lost consciousness. Samira woke up feeling very cold in the morning. As soon as she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see herself naked in the room. Quickly took the clothes and went into the washroom. Samira has no idea what is going on with her. Meanwhile, in the morning, Bithi woke up and ran to her parents and said that her sister had a ghost on her.

- What are you talking about in the morning? Did you have a bad dream at night?

- Do you think I'm lying? See these fingerprints on my jaw?


Her mother was shocked to see the clear fingerprints on her face and said- tell me everything that happened.

- When I woke up last night, I saw my sister clinging to the window and something like black smoke was behind her. And the sound of humming seemed to,,,,,,

Bithi cried and hugged her mother. Meanwhile, Bithi's mother said to know the truth of the words- Listen, I will sleep in your room today. It may be that you are saying this in a dream. And why would anything like this happen so suddenly?


- You know this strange thing has been happening with sister for quite some time. After we went to the shopping mall, a boy proposed to Sister. The boy jumped from the roof of the shopping mall and died after she rejected him. His dead body looked at my sister and said, those who look at her he will kill everyone. Is the soul of the boy who committed suicide in the shopping mall doing all this?


- Have you seen all this?

- No, I didn't, Sister told me.

- Listen, dear, don't think about it. I'll see you today and don't tell anyone.

- I was asking one of my friends to get the news of that boy's friend. Later I heard that the boy's neck was numb and he would never be able to speak. I'm very scared.


Saying all this, the whole day was passed.

Samira behaved normally all the time, so Samira's mother thought of Bithi's words as imaginary and wanted to forget everything, but Bithi insisted, so the three of them came to sleep together. As a result of sleeping with her mother, Samira also fell asleep in the morning. Samira's mother cleverly tied her hair with Samira's hair. At about two o'clock in the morning, a call came to Samira's ears.

- Come up, Samira, come to me. The mind is anxious to get you, come on. I will spend all day waiting for you when night will come and I will make you my own.


Samira lost her sense and opened the knot with a light tug on her mother's hair. A light pull-tie was enough to wake Samira's mother.

Samira walked straight to the door of the room and walked out of the house. Meanwhile, Samira's mother called Bithi, woke her up and the two followed her.

Samira went out of the house and went straight to the back of the house. As soon as Samira left, the force pushed Samira against the wall and became desperate to have sex with her like any other day.

In the light, Samira's mother did not take more than a second to understand what was happening here

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