The Devil Chapter 1

Morgan cuts his 15-year-old daughter's genitals with a sharp knife with a full uterus and puts five corner rounds in the middle of a sign like a front star.


Morgan Lyman is a day laborer in the profession. Home in one of his states in America. Spent the day running his family with great pain. He has a girl child and two boys in his house. The girl is the biggest among them. His wife Laurie Curry wasn't a very rich family child either. Lori and Morgan didn't have much happiness in their married life. Because being happy without money and being the Prime Minister of America in dreams is the same.


Morgan for a day of work well away from home to work. I meet a man there. The man looks a little scary type. And the face always looks angry. The man's nickname is Michael. Michael says to Morgan,

′′ Do you want to be the richest and most powerful man?"

Morgan suddenly gets a little shocked to hear such things and says,

′′ Can you become rich by wish? I Don't want to be strong. It is enough if I get three square meal ′′

Now Michael says,

′′ I'll make you rich and three times why can you eat lots of food all the time. But I have to act according to my words.

Morgan says without thinking,

′′ If I can eat well for three times, I am willing to do anything for it?"

Michael says,

′′ Well, it's okay. Now listen to the real talk you need to join the group of satanism?"

Suddenly the name became unknown and unknown, Morgan says,

′′ What is satanism?"

′′ Satanism is a group that does black magic. Those who can do anything whenever, wherever they want, whatever they want. Even has the power to destroy this world. The mind can do whatever it wants. ′′

Morgan says after hearing this,

′′ Can I eat whatever I want whenever I want?"

′′ Hmm can. ′′

′′ Can I bring whoever I want to sit on my own?"

′′ Hmm. Can you do anything you want? Do you believe in any religion?"

Morgan says,

′′ Yes, I believe in Christianity?"

Michael says,

′′ So all things can be found in heaven as in Christianity. Whatever you want, it is. Just like that all members of this satanism group get heaven on earth. ′′

Now Morgan says about greed,

′′ How can I be a member of satanism. Say it fast ′′

′′ I'll explain everything to you and tell you how to do everything. But you really want to be a member of satanism?"

′′ Hmm want to be. ′′

′′ Ok ok but there's a condition? ′′

Morgan says with a little fear,

′′ What is the condition? ′′

′′ If you join once, you will never be able to leave this group again. If you get out or try to be it will kill you immediately. ′′

This time Morgan is very scared. Still says with fear,

′′ Will, I become strong and can do any things?"

′′ Yes, you will. ′′

Morgan thinks if I'm really strong then why should I give up. If I don't get any more power, I will leave. It says after thinking,

′′ Then I agree. Now tell me what is the basic work of satanism and how to do it? ′′

′′ Well ok, listen the main job of satanism is to worship Lucifer...

Morgan says in the middle of Michael's words,

′′ Who is Lucifer?"

Michael says,

′′ Lucifer is another name for Satan. The lord of our satanism group is Lucifer or Satan. He is our driving force and he is our strength giver. Worship Him will get all. The more he worships and the more he sacrifices for the devil the more he will gain power. ′′

Morgan from Michael becomes the devil's pathway after hearing these words.


The first step to worship Satan is to create a star with a sharp knife on the left side of your chest with a sharp knife. Morgan's first day of art with five corners on his chest. Then Morgan starts worshipping the devil. In this way, many animals and birds in the name of Satan worship the devil with fresh blood by pulling their heads alive. 

Slowly Morgan gets a small power very soon really. Power learns black magic. With which he can take things from one place to another only with the gesture of his hand. Although the big things can't relocate, some small things can relocate. 

Faith in the devil increases after learning this magic. Almost 1-year pass like this. Morgan is now a complete Devil fan and gets attracted to it. The devil knows a lot about it. Yet Morgan meets that Michael again to take more and stronger power or power than the devil. Meeting Michael and he is called,

′′ How can I get more power from the devil?" Request to read the complete story.

Morgan says,

′′ The more evil he worships the devil the stronger he becomes, even in sexual intercourse, even by murdering men or women. ′′

′′ Well, it's okay. ′′

Morgan comes home after hearing all the other things and thinks is there any worse thing to do than this? Keeps thinking for a long time. Suddenly his daughter is in mind thinking about it. If he calls or slaughters his daughter in the name of the devil she will have great power. Whatever you think, the plan begins. Want to be a strong man in the world of black magic by killing your daughter with your own hands.

Some days they keep looking for opportunities. Suddenly one day the opportunity came.

One day Morgan's wife and his two sons went to his in-law's house. But leaves his daughter at home. His wife Lori and her sons left the house early in the morning.

After his wife left the house, his daughter Sabrina Felix kept cooking for lunch in the kitchen. Morgan came from the back and hit Felix's head with black rock. And immediately looks back and tries to say something to his dad but falls to the ground before and faints Felix. 

Then Felix's father takes his daughter's body to his secret room means where he worships Satan. Took it and stabbed it straight into Felix's throat. Felix's body slowly gets dull with another loud shake. The girl dies with it. Even worse thoughts go into my head when Morgan is about to start worshipping Satan with his daughter's dead body. 

And then he took out the knife he put in his throat, took off his daughter's pajamas, cut her genitals with a sharp knife, and put it out with a full uterus, and put it in the middle of a sign like a star Morgan. The sign is just like the sign that he painted on his chest. The sign looks like a full star. 

This is a form of Satan, which means this is his sign. Morgan put his daughter's uterus on the sign and kneeled with both hands together. And keeps saying slowly,

Lucifer, Lucifer give me strength. I gave my own daughter for you even did many bad things to her. Give me strength, give me strength, Lucifer Lucifer.


After finishing Morgan's worship, the daughter's body was filled with a sack and thrown into a running river by a side stream.

It was almost 5 in the afternoon when I came home after throwing away my daughter's dead body. Morgan calls his wife's phone when she comes home. And says,

′′ Lorry! ′′

The lorry from the other side says,

′′ Say yes

′′ Felix is not coming home. Out that morning to meet one of his girlfriends. But not back now?"

′′ What. What are you saying? Called you?"

′′ Yes. But his mobile is off "?

′′ Ok wait I call and see

′′ Hmm. ′′

Says Morgan cuts off the phone and goes to his worship room to clean up all the blood that's in the neighborhood. But Morgan kept the meat piece in the star symbol. Everything is fine like before, he locks his secret room and comes to the bedroom, and lies down. Her secret room is the storeroom of the house, no one goes to the room to travel. And the key to that room stays with Morgan.

Morgan is lying on the bed thinking what, in the meantime, his wife came home. This is called Morgan,

′′ Felix has arrived "?

′′ No. Haven't arrived yet. But why did you inform the police earlier "?

The lorry gets surprised. How did Morgan know I went to the police station.

So Lori says to Morgan,

′′ How did you know? I told the police?" 

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