The Devil Chapter 2


Morgan's wife comes home. This is called Morgan,

′′ Felix has arrived "?
′′ No. Haven't arrived yet. But why did you inform the police earlier "?
Morgan's wife Lori is now surprised. How did Morgan know he went to the police station.
So Lori says to Morgan,
′′ How did you know? I told the police?"

Morgan gets a little scared hearing this. Really, how did he know, even he himself doesn't know. Just by looking at his wife's eyes, how did he know that his wife went to the police station? Then Morgan thinks I've got the second power. His wife tells Lori to pass the word immediately so that his wife doesn't understand anything,

′′ One of my acquaintances called that he is seeing you in the police station. So I thought you went for our girl. But is it okay for the lorry to inform the police earlier? ′′

Lori gets a little angry and says,
′′ I've made it right. Well, listen did Felix tell you a friend's name or something to go to?
′′ Nah. ′′
′′ Have you heard where it has gone? ′′
′′ I have heard. Told me to go see a friend. ′′
′′ With which friend said the name ′′
′′ No. No one said the name ′′

Morgan's wife now gets even angrier and says,
′′ So do you know? Isn't this your duty to hear where your daughter is going? We have to see this day because of you. Careless is a man. ′′
Lori starts crying out loud after telling Morgan more different things.
Police came home after a while. Police came and took note of the answers to several questions from Morgan's mouth and left.

Some days pass like this. Still, Felix is not returning. How will he return, his own father killed him?
One week, two weeks, almost a month passes but the police can't find the girl. And his dead body is also not found. Meanwhile, Felix's mother has kept her hope of getting a daughter inside her chest. Always consoling himself saying Felix will come back one day.

Almost 3 months passed like this. Felix hasn't been found. After so many days, the pain inside the lorry has reduced at least a little.

But Morgan's wife has already noticed some changes in Morgan. Morgan didn't feel a percentage of the pain he was not himself because his daughter was missing. There was no grief or pain in Morgan's move. Even on the day, Felix went missing, there wasn't much change in Morgan.

Yet his wife thinks that Morgan has suffered a lot inside but doesn't reveal anyone maybe. Perhaps the daughter's death has changed a little after getting very sad. But one more thing Morgan's been noticing lately is Lori. Morgan can tell the man what a man has been doing or done a while ago. Never revealed to Lori though. But Lori has been noticing this for a while.
A few days ago Morgan's wife Lori planned a visit to Lori's close girlfriend's house to make the family feel better, along with her children and Morgan. So everyone gets ready to visit Lori's girlfriend's house. Morgan called a Taxi after coming out of the house getting ready. When the Taxi came to us, Morgan said,
′′ Uncle you go we are not going now. ′′
Suddenly the lorry was surprised to hear such things,
′′ Why? What happened?"

A little bit of face is wandering and saying,
′′ There is something to do. Uncle, you go. ′′
The Taxi goes away. And meanwhile, the lorry says,
′′ What happened, call a Taxi and tell me again that I won't go. . What is the problem?"
′′ This Taxi driver is not good. Stole it a little while ago. ′′

′′ I mean. How did you know? ′′
Without hearing the answer to this, a woman and two men are running from behind to catch the uncle with Taxi. The lorry is surprised by how Morgan came to know. So says Morgan again,
′′ How did you know? ′′

Morgan stays silent then says,
′′ I am watching from a distance. The woman who has taken her goods has come down from her Taxi a while ago, but she forgot the stolen thing and left it in the Taxi. And at the same time, the Taxi driver hides the thing from himself. ′′

The lorry calls the next Taxi without thinking much and the whole family gets up and leaves for the lorry's girlfriend's house. The lorry in the Taxi keeps thinking that Morgan has been talking about the past of people. Again the appropriate reason and how he knows says it all but Morgan wasn't like this before, now he's a driver. To get the full episode, you must request me, otherwise, you will not be curious if you don't get the next part. That's why I keep saying it.

Thinking about these, I came to Lori's girlfriend's house.
After coming near the house, the lorry got down from the Taxi and called his girlfriend. Her girlfriend is a daughter of a very good family and a very rich family. They have their own three-story house. The house where Morgan's family is standing in front of that house is owned by Lori's girlfriends. Lori calls his girlfriend and meets him. And Morgan looks at his girlfriend and says,
′′ I am Morgan. Lori's husband. ′′

Lori's girlfriend says,
′′ I am Lewis. Lori's old girlfriend ′′
They go inside the house being introduced there.
This house belongs to Lewis I mean Lori's girlfriend's father. In this house, his parents live on the bottom floor and his family on the top floor. Lewis's husband stays as a housewife. Lewis and Lori met after a long time and started chatting.

In the meantime, talk about Felix and then lorry cries. Meanwhile, Lewis comforts him. There is nothing else to do or say. Morgan Laurie and Lewis speak as Lewis's husband Mr. Kibria appeared. Lori stands up and says,
′′ How are you? I am a lorry. ′′

Lewis's husband says,
′′ Oh, you're Lori heard you so many times from Lewis's mouth. ′′
Then Lori shows Morgan and says,
′′ This is my husband? ′′

Kibria extends his hand to Morgan and says,
′′ Hey bro. I am Kibria.
Even Morgan holds the hand and says,

′′ Whom did you kill? ′′
Suddenly everyone in the room gets shocked to hear such words from Morgan. Murder means Lori's girlfriend Louise now says a little angry,

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