The Jinn Wife Chapter 2

the jinn wife chapter 2

His face has been separated from his body. And Ayesha stayed on the floor next to me. I had no idea what to do at such a horrible moment. I quickly took Ayesha in my arms. I realized Ayesha was unconscious. And without thinking about anything, I left to take Ayesha to the hospital. 

They gave saline to Ayesha in the hospital but strangely the truth was that a drop of saline was not entering Ayesha's body. I was really surprised when the doctor told me this. I was convinced in my mind that Ayesha was probably Jinn, but after a while, I thought of Hasib again, what was the fault of the poor man? 

What is the reason for killing him like this? And someone beat him like that. Also at my house again. I wonder if my whole life is over if a neighbor finds out. 

Ayesha's parents both came by then. They saw Ayesha and started crying. I did not know what to say to comfort them. Because I'm worried myself. 

Ayesha's mother and father, how did this happen? 

Me: I came from the office and saw Ayesha lying like this. 

After a while, the doctor came out and there was nothing to be afraid of. I noticed that Aysha's friend Riya came out of Ayesha's cabin. I saw her once during that marriage and I have never seen her till now. But the girl is also very mysterious to see. 

She doesn't say anything and is always silent. She looks at me in such a way that he will eat me now. I am scared to see the girl but now the thing to think about is when did this girl go to the cabin? I was standing next to Ayesha's cabin. I didn't notice this girl entering the cabin. I started thinking in my mind. Why is the whole family so strange? 

There is reason to call the whole family strange. Ayesha became so much but Ayesha's father did not cry at all. Rather, he somehow looked at me. As if I had done all these things. In my mind I started calling on Allah, I got the idea that this whole family is the family of the jinn. 

Ayesha recovered after a while. Suddenly when Ayesha's father told me to go to my house, I started feeling pain in my chest or on my side. How can I tell Ayesha's father that the body of a man is lying in my house in pieces? 

Ayesha's father: What happened? 

Me: Ayesha, let's get her better, then I'll go. 

Ayesha's father: (in a threatening tone) You don't have to worry so much, I will see if my daughter gets healthy or sick. I'm telling you, let's go now. 

Me: Actually at home,,,, 

Before I could finish, Ayesha's father slapped me hard. Atleast did not expect it from him. He slapped a man without checking anything. I saw Ayesha and she is silent and not saying anything. Tears welled up in my eyes in disgrace. I thought whatever would happen, he would take them home and then tell the whole story. 

But when I entered the house again, I was shocked. I saw the body of Hasib a while ago. Where did it go? There was blood all over the room but now there is not a drop of blood anywhere. Where did it all go? What's even more surprising is that Ayesha's friend Riya and another boy are in the house. 

The boy looks like a Kabiraj. Kabiraj doesn't say but he looks like a fake lord. There are 10-20 types of tasbi after the whole body. Kabiraj gestured and told all of us to enter the room. 

Riya: This is Kabiraj Mizan. 

Mizan: Do you understand the meaning of black magic? 

Me: Yes, I saw it in a movie. Before I could finish speaking, Ayesha's father slapped me hard again. This time I did not feel insulted but I was a little surprised. Let's not be so surprised that my senior can slap me. 

Mizan: Black magic has been done on one of the people in this house. Mizan pulled a bone out of his bag. There are so many dots thing on that bone.

Mizan: The bone will turn on its own after a while and black magic has been cast on the person to whom it will turn. The bone began to spin on its own and suddenly the bone turned and came to a stop in front of Ayesha. That means black magic has been cast on Ayesha. 

Mizan took a bottle out of his bag. There is some red water in the bottle. He immediately took the water and splashed Ayesha on the face. For a while, it all seemed to like my movie but then I got scared. Ayesha was acting like crazy. It seemed that something was going to come out of Ayesha's body.

Someone is taking her soul out of her body. She was fidgeting like crazy and Mizan was constantly pouring water on her face. Suddenly Ayesha sat down on the sofa again as usual. 

Mizan: Tell me what happened? (Aimed at Ayesha) 

Ayesha looked around. As soon as she looked at me, she hugged me and started crying like crazy. 

Me: Why are you crying like this? 

Ayesha: You are bad. How many calls have I given you but you never answered my call. That scoundrel friend of yours came and treated me badly. I don't remember anything when he slapped me when I didn't stop him. That means Hasib wanted to do something bad with Ayesha. But Hasib is not that kind of man. 

Hasib is a very humble and polite boy. When I met Hasib last month, Hasib was afraid to talk to me at first, but in a few days, we became good friends. I have never seen him talk to any girl. But now the question is why would Hasib do that? 

Mizan: Bahadur, bring this girl to bed. 

Ayesha's body temperature is now much hotter than normal. It seems that the Jinn has left Ayesha's body. I feel a little happy. 

Mizan: Do you understand anything? 

Me: I do not understand what is happening? 

Mizan: When your friend Hasib misbehaved with Ayesha, the jinn who was with Ayesha got inside her body, killed Hasib, and tore him to pieces. And this jinn came to Ayesha through black magic.

Me: Who did this black magic? 

Mizan: Hasib. Really surprising thing. Why did Hasib cast black magic on Ayesha? So did Hasib know Ayesha before? 

Me: Is there no way to survive this Jinn? 

Mizan: Of course there is. 

Mizan took out a little doll from the bag and looked at it one after the other and walked around the house without saying anything. Mizan is walking and I am thinking about Hasib's body. Where did this body go? And who killed Hasib? 

Mizan: You must be thinking about Hasib's body, aren't you? 

I just said nothing and just looked at Mizan. Maybe Mizan also understood. 

Mizan: Don't worry, I have left Hasib's body in the right place. I have left it where this jinn came from. No one will doubt you. If you want this jinn to leave you forever, then you have to do one thing in two days. 

Me: I agree to do everything for Ayesha. Just tell me what to do? 

Mizan: You have to keep away from all the people for two days. If I explain a little, you will understand. I will do chanting for 48 hours. No one will be able to come to your house in these 48 hours. Nothing outside can be entered into the house. The jinn can attack you at any moment. So you have to be aware of it all the time. 

Me: Why will the Jinn attack on me? What did I do? 

Mizan: Now I can't say anything anymore. 

What have you done? 

Everything I will say after 48 hours. If you can, keep a little distance from Ayesha. After saying this, Mizan, Riya, Ayesha's mother, and father all left the house. 

I started thinking in my mind that I was watching a horror movie. I have never thought about these things but now I am thinking a little bit. My body feels very heavy. I sat on the sofa and started thinking about what was happening to me. In two or three days my life changed completely. If I had not got married a few days ago, I might still be able to live happily ever after. 

I did not understand what to do. Asked to keep off all contact with everyone for 48 hours. As far as my idea is, black magic is done to get someone or to harm someone. So did Hasib do all this to get Ayesha? But how does Hasib know Ayesha? Do they have any relationship? So I started thinking to myself what is happening? Why Hasib died? Who is this Jinn? Why did it enter Aysha's body? 

Why it wants to kill me? Why did Hasib try to harm Ayesha? So many questions were running through my head, I don't know when I fell asleep. 

Suddenly I saw Ayesha attacking my chest with a sharp knife. And immediately I died there. As soon as the eyes opened it means sure it was a dream. I noticed that my body seems to be very heavy. I looked closely and saw Ayesha on my body and a sharp knife in her hand. Before I knew it he was stabbing me hard 

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