The Jinn Wife Last Chapter

Before I knew it, Ayesha was stabbing me. I immediately pushed Ayesha. Some parts of the hand were cut by the knife. As I was lying on the sofa, Ayesha fell on the floor as soon as I pushed her and fell unconscious as soon as I fell on the floor.


I think the genie has re-entered Ayesha. No, you shouldn't think so much anymore. The girl should be taken to the hospital immediately. The girl must have been in pain because of falling from the sofa. I took Ayesha in my arms and opened the door to go to the hospital. I saw Riya standing and an ambulance with her.


I do not understand what is happening? Riya is gone, so what is Riya doing here?

Riya: Brother-in-Law should not be so surprised. You quickly put Ayesha in the ambulance.

I brought an ambulance for you.

Me: Why for me?

Ayesha's father: Look, Son, you didn't talk so much. You put Ayesha in the ambulance quickly.


I can't think of anything happening. The family that I saw Ayesha a while ago now has no resemblance to that family. The Rhea who never spoke to me is now calling me Brother-in-law. Ayesha's father used to slap me less and now he is calling me son.

 A doctor came out of Ayesha's cabin but when I saw the doctor, I had a big problem. This doctor looks exactly like Mizan. There is only long hair and no long beard, the rest is like Mizan. Seeing me, he ran and hugged me.


Mizan: I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't pushed Ayesha?

I can't answer any of Mizan's words. Just wondering. What is happening to me?

Riya: Mizan, you and Brother-in-law come with me to the next cabin.

After a while, the three of us sat in the next cabin. There is no one in the cabin, only the three of us.

Riya: Brother-in-law, you must be wondering what is happening, isn't it?

I'm not saying anything yet because I don't have the language to say anything. I don't understand what to ask.


Riya: Brother, let me tell you from the very beginning, then you will understand. Your wife Ayesha had a twin sister named Samira. The word is March 26, 2019. About a year and a half ago from today. Samira and Ayesha were supposed to go on a tour together that day. Since they were both of the same age, they would go together wherever they went, but that day there was an exception and this exception resulted in one father losing his daughter, one mother losing her daughter, and one sister losing her beloved sister and I losing my beloved girlfriend.

Almost everything Rhea is saying is going through my head. Seeing me keep quiet, Rhea started talking again.

Riya: Samira went on tour that day but never came back. We looked for Samira almost everywhere but found nowhere. Just on 14 April, a call comes from Samira and through her call, we find out that for 20 days in a row she was kept in one place and raped. And she couldn't say much about the rapists, just the name. One is named 'Hasib' and the other is named 'Bahadur'.

As soon as I heard Bahadur's name, I jumped up and stood on the bed in the cabin. It is as if a movie is being shot and I am being made a villain by force.


Me: Have you gone crazy? What are you saying? I look at all the girls in the world except my wife as my sister.

Riya: Hey Brother-in-law, listen to the whole thing. Samira could not say where she was being held that day. We tracked her number and found her location but went there and found Samira's frozen body lying on the ground. That means the two rapists killed Samira. We did not know any of the two men who raped Samira. Only Hasib and Bahadur knew the name. Then we started looking for the local people there. According to everyone, a boy named Hasib used to come here but no one knew Bahadur. Through the locals, we got a picture of Hasib but no picture of Bahadur.

We knew that if we wanted justice for Samira's rape in this country, we would never get it. So Samira's whole family thought that they would all punish the two rapists together. But you have to get those two first to punish, right? We searched a lot but couldn't find either of them. The company you work for belongs to my uncle. A month ago, the uncle informed me that a boy named Bahadur works in his company and he has a friend named Hasib. Then we got the idea that maybe you are also Samira's rapist. And when it matched the picture we got with your friend Hasib, we realized that you are two rapists. The name is the same. Well, how do you get acquainted with Hasib?


Me: One night when I was finishing my office, I suddenly met Hasib. At first, he was afraid to talk to me and later we became very good friends. Hasib used to say that I look like a close friend of his. But I did not believe these. I really didn't know Hasib was such a bad man. You could have killed me and Hasib directly if you wanted. What was the need to do these marriage dramas?


Riya: We are sure that it is the rapist, but we were not sure that you are the rapist. And besides, we didn't want to kill you so easily, we wanted to kill you with a lot of pain. If we had killed you directly, there would have been a lot of trouble, so we thought we would kill you first mentally and then physically. The day you first met Ayesha (Samira's sister) we thought you would be shocked but you didn't blink at all but kept your head down in shame. From then on we started to have a little bit of suspicion. Are you really that brave or someone else? You have cared so much for Ayesha since the marriage and when Ayesha was admitted to the hospital yesterday, my suspicions were heightened when you were walking in front of the cabin like crazy. Are you really the brave man who raped Samira?

Me: Does that mean you killed Hasib?

Rhea: Suddenly no board meeting came to you that day but the board meeting was just an excuse to hold you back. After receiving the invitation from you, Hasib went to your house and was shocked to see Ayesha. Because Hasib did not know that Samira had another twin sister. When Ayesha goes to kill Hasib, Hasib kills himself with the knife in Ayesha's hand. Maybe Hasib realized that day that his death was very close. So he committed suicide on his own.

Me: So you didn't kill Hasib and he killed himself with a knife and you cut him.

Rhea: Yes, he has committed suicide. But if you knew that Hasib had committed suicide, it would have been a big problem, so we presented this whole problem in a horrible way. That is, I originated a fabricated gene. I told my son-in-law Mizan to dress like Kabiraj and scare you. Who knew you were such a coward. After a while he got scared. We planned to kill you that night but before I killed you I wanted to be a little more sure if you were Samira's rapist. I slowly started searching again and according to the search, I found out that the man Bahadur who raped Samira died in a car accident six months ago. That's when we all realized that you are not the one who raped the brave Samira. We knew Ayesha would stab you so we thought we should bring an ambulance. As soon as we rang your doorbell, you opened the door with Ayesha and saw us.

I listened to everything in the rear very attentively as if I had heard a short story. There was only one question in my mind so I asked Riya without holding back the question.

Me: Well then, is it true that there is a jinn in Ayesha's body?

Riya: You look like a great fool. Ayesha has no Jinn in her body.

Me: How? Ayesha's body was always cold? Then Ayesha used to work for a long time without rest. Ayesha doesn't eat anything. All these symptoms match perfectly with the gene.

Riya: Brother, don't be impatient, wait, I'm telling you the whole story. If we had just told you that Ayesha has jinn in her body, would you not believe it? Some genes have to show signs, right? As a result, Ayesha always puts injections in her body. The injection keeps people cold for 16 to 18 hours. Although it is very harmful to the body, Ayesha used to use it to try to rape her sister. And whenever you went to Ayesha, her body would feel cold from you. It is completely wrong that Ayesha used to cook all kinds of food. Ayesha doesn't know how to cook anything. Instead, we would cook these dishes and send them. And you thought Ayesha was working all day. Well, Brother do you remember Ayesha always told you to drink milk and sleep? And you would wake up late.

Me: Yes, Ayesha always told me to drink milk and sleep.


Riya: Ayesha used to mix sleeping pills in your milk glass all the time. As a result, you would not wake up before ten or eleven o'clock. And by then we would have made our whole plan. And Ayesha used to rest at that time.

Me: So much was done to kill me?

Rhea: We thought you were Samira's rapist so we wanted to kill you.

I didn't know if I would laugh or cry because if  Riya hadn't known I wasn't the Bahadur who raped Samira, I would have been three and a half hands under the ground by now.

Me: Well, what did Hasib's body do?

Riya: What else can I do? I went to the place where Samira was raped and burnt Hasib's body.

Nah this family is not normal. I can't hear anything else. I hurried out of the cabin and entered Ayesha's cabin. While sleeping, Ayesha feels no less than a fairy.

I am looking at Ayesha at a glance. After a while, Ayesha opened her eyes to herself. And he opened his eyes and was very surprised to see me sitting next to him.

Me: What happened, madam, after so long, you woke up, right?

Ayesha is looking at me for a while without saying anything, looking at the rear for a while, maybe wondering how her sister's rapist is sitting next to her? He was supposed to die today.

After a while, Riya explained everything to Ayesha. Ayesha may have understood. He pulled me close and started kissing me like crazy. And seeing this scene, Ayesha's family left the cabin in shame. I was also quite embarrassed.

Ayesha: (crying) I didn't really know that you,,,

Can't say anything else, just crying. Stay, I will not stop, if you want to cry, cry. Today, after many days, this family is happy. Today, however, a little full of tears. I didn't understand how much trouble this whole family has gone through in the last year. I don't know how much trouble a family has in planning to kill people like this. In fact, the system of our country is deteriorating day by day and as a result of the destruction of this system, many genes are being generated. If we want to stop the origin of these genes, we need to change our system now. Ayesha's whole family is happy today because they have judged the rape of their daughter/sister's girlfriend. Maybe they didn't kill anyone with their own hands but they have no regrets. Instead, at the end of the day, they will breathe a sigh of relief that their daughter/sister/girlfriend rapists are no more in this world.

It is clear from the cabin that Riya is hugging Mizan. Ayesha's father is hugging Ayesha's mother. And I am also hugging my genius spit wife Thukku Ayesha.

'The end of some stories is the beginning of another story.'

Maybe the end of Samira's story that day is the beginning of my and Ayesha's story today.

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