The Jinn Wife

the jinn wife

I was surprised to hold Ayesha's hand on the wedding night. Ayesha's hand is colder than usual. I was silent without saying anything. But at night, when I suddenly hugged Ayesha, I was even more surprised. Not only Ayesha's hands but her whole body was cold. These strange thoughts started coming to my mind.

Ayesha: What happened? What have you been thinking since then?

Me: No, I actually thought that you...

Ayesha: What about me? 

Me: Nothing, Get some Sleep.

I married Ayesha because of my family. Ayesha only met me twice before marriage. And these two times, I have only talked to Ayesha. I never imagined touching her. I thought she may have colder skin than usual and let it go.

But I woke up in the morning and noticed all the strange behavior of Ayesha. I get up early in the morning almost all the time. That is around five or six. But today is weird, but the truth did not wake me up before ten. Although I slept 2-1 hours later at night than usual. But I don't wake up so late.

As soon as I woke up, I took a bigger shock. Arrange all kinds of food on the table. If I count, it will be more than 30 items. But who will eat so many foods? Ayesha and I are the only ones in the house. My parents live in the village. After the marriage, they told me to go to the city with my wife. They will come a few days later. Seeing so many foods, I plunged into the realm of imagination in my mind. Is it possible for a girl to make so many dishes? Every work of Ayesha is surprising to me.

Ayesha: What happened? What are you looking at? 

Me: I don't mean to hurt you, but who will eat this much food?

Ayesha: Why don't you eat and talk, come clean up quickly. I'm getting your breakfast ready for you.

I began to think in my mind why this girl's work is all unusual? Not only in the morning but also in the afternoon, evening and night. I just worked all day and didn't see any rest. I calculated that he worked for more than 16 hours. This surprised me even more. But you will be surprised to know another thing. The girl worked all day but did not eat anything. I insisted a lot on eating. Every time I told her to eat something, she said she was not hungry. Or she never gets hungry. Now I am not only surprised to hear her but also slowly getting scared.

A thought is coming to my mind whether the girl is a human or a jinn. And I can't think about all this. The level of fear began to rise at a higher rate. I went to the roof and started reading some articles about gin. What is the nature of the jinn? Almost every article amazes me. Because Ayesha has similarities with one or another article. 

An article says that jinns are much more beautiful to look at than normal humans. This point coincided with Ayesha. The girl is impossibly beautiful to look at. The article says that jinns can work all day without any rest, but surprisingly, this point also coincides with Ayesha. Another article says that jinns never get hungry. I read many articles like this. But an article really grabbed my attention. Some ideas came to my mind after this article. I thought let's apply on Ayesha. I went downstairs and saw Ayesha working.

Me: Ayesha come here, please? 

Ayesha: Tell me? 

Me: Go and sit on the sofa. I was thinking in my mind what will I ask for. But to my surprise, she sat on the sofa. My curiosity grew even more. 

Me: Come to the room with me. I entered the room with Ayesha. 

Me: Ayesha, can you sing me a song? Ayesha started singing. Very sweet voice. 

Me: Ayesha, close the window. Ayesha closed the window and stood there. 

Me: Well, open it a little.

I started testing Ayesha's patience. Because an article says that jinns have a lot of patience. Me: Ayesha, open it again, put it on again, open it again, put it on again, open it again, put it on again. I said this many times but surprisingly Ayesha never bothered and obeyed my orders. As time draws closer, my curiosity towards Ayesha grows.

Me: Ayesha, take off all your clothes in front of me now. I thought I would be ashamed and say I feel ashamed I can't. But to my surprise, all the clothes started to open immediately. 

Me: Hey, no, you don't have to stay. You lie down. I'll go to bed later.

Saying this, I went to the verandah. I can't believe it's a normal girl. The mind says every time this is a jinn. So I'm married to a jinn. Well, the jinn are much older, so Ayesha should go and ask how old she is? 

Me: Ayesha, how old are you?

Ayesha: About 23...

Me: He's 23 years old. 

Ayesha: Oh no 2300 years.

I couldn't keep my head straight after hearing this. I thought to myself that I am not asleep now which I will do tomorrow. Ayesha: Look, there are glasses of milk on the table. Eat them and then go to bed. Not before that. Let's not leave the beautiful wife so beautiful. I drank a whole glass of milk in one go. But the taste of milk seemed a little exceptional. Stay maybe I'm thinking more so it looks like that.

I woke up in the morning and saw that it was still late. It was 11 o'clock. If I go to the office today, the boss will be angry for sure. Just as I was about to leave for the office, Ayesha surprised me again.

Ayesha: Take this tiffin box for you. 

Me: Is so much food just for me or for all the staff in the whole office. Counting, I saw that she made twice as much food today as she did yesterday. I thought to myself that I am going to be late for the office today, the boss will scold me. A better wife than her has made so many dishes. If I take these and show them to the boss, then the boss will be happy. I took two CNGs and left for the office with the food. Not only the boss but all my colleagues are also happy to see so much food.

Boss: I was ready to scold you today, but now I see that you have gotten better by getting married. You brought food for everyone. Thanks. At lunchtime around noon, everyone was eating Ayesha's enhanced food. And was praising. Boss: Which hotel did you bring it from? 

Me: Made by my wife.

Boss was really surprised. So many people's food is made by one person and all of them are delicious. I was happy in my mind and thought that if my wife starts cooking like this then my promotion is guaranteed. Just as I was returning home from the office, I met Hasib. Hasib is my friend. A month ago, I suddenly met him one night. Within a few days, a very good friendship developed between us. But when I invited her to my wedding, she could not come for her business.

Me: Hasib remember me? How are you? 

Hasib: I'm fine. How is your married life? 

Me: That's good brother. (I did not tell Hasib how many paragraphs I am in. I thought I would invite Hasib to my house tomorrow. Then I will talk to him completely about Ayesha) 

Me: Hasib, do one thing. Tomorrow you will come to my house. You will see my wife and I spent some time with you. I also took leave from the office. 

Hasib: Well, I will come in the afternoon. Then I'll hang out all night.

In this way, the two of us talked a lot more. He left because an important meeting was over. I am also preparing for tomorrow. As soon as I entered the house, I saw that Ayesha had just taken a bath. It's as if I'm seeing an impossibly beautiful fairy in front of my own eyes. The hair is wet, a little water on the tip of the nose, the lips are completely red. I couldn't hold myself any longer, I thought I would have a little romance, so I hugged Ayesha and I played a big shock again. Ayesha's body is very cold.

Ayesha: Look, don't be naughty. 

Just come from the office and eat and drink before you get fresh. I started thinking again about whether Ayesha is a jinn or a human being. Let's not talk so much, I will talk to him tomorrow. I woke up in the morning and noticed that I was late again today. My wife still cooked all kinds of food, so I survived the boss's gossip. I started thinking that if I cooked all kinds of food in this way, my salary would go after the food.


Suddenly I got stuck in a board meeting. I came out of the board meeting and saw many calls from Ayesha. So I immediately left for home without delay. But seeing what I saw entering the house, no normal person can be right.

Hasib's body is lying on the floor. Every part of Hasib's body has been cut off. Hasib's legs have been cut into two pieces. Both hands have been torn to pieces. Even the body has been cut in two. Not only that, Hasib's genitals have been cut off and inserted in her mouth. His face has been separated from his body. And on the floor...

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